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Youth Homelessness Needs the Business Community's Attention

Columbus Business First–June 1, 2018

We’ve been writing about housing a lot lately because it’s become a defining economic development issue not just in Columbus, but across the country. Fast-growing cities are grappling with how to ensure there’s adequate and affordable housing for their swelling populations, and there’s also an increasing awareness that housing will play an important role in site selection decisions as companies look toensure their workers will have places to live.

A new initiative launched in Columbus serves as a reminder that the housing issue extends to youth. When they find themselves homeless and unsettled, they're likely in for years of struggle, and few seek out traditional shelters.

The Community Shelter Board has worked with 16 partner agencies and organizations on a community framework called A Place to Call Home, which aims to build on lessons learned from successful efforts to reduce homelessness among military veterans and other initiatives.

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