The Beginning

Star House opened in October 2006 as part of a federally-funded research project of The Ohio State University (OSU), designed to uncover best practices for meeting the unique needs of street-living 14- to 24-year-olds. As the first drop-in center for youth experiencing homelessness in Central Ohio, our center was the bridge between the streets and more traditional, intensive services. In our first year, we served 250 individual youth at our drop-in center, which was located on OSU campus. 

In 2017, Star House became an independent social service agency in order to more nimbly address the needs of youth, engage partners and draw upon a broader range of financial support, though we continue to partner with OSU on best practice research. 

Original 1,800-square-foot Star House

Star House's original 1,800-square-foot Drop-in Center

Where We Are Now

Today, Star House continues to operate the only drop-in center in Central Ohio for youth who are living without a permanent place to call home—as well as the only drop-in center in the nation with continuous, onsite best practices research. In 2021, Star House served 819 young people experiencing homelessness and, in some cases, their small children. 


Star House's current 14,000-square-foot Drop-in Center--the nation's only drop-in center that hosts continuous, best practice research. 

After accessing Star House's 24/7 drop-in center for 90 or more days, 73% percent of guests obtain housing. However, far too many face homelessness again later,
due to lack of truly affordable housing that can be sustained through hardships. In order to help address this communitywide issue, Star House, Finance Fund and the Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority opened Carol Stewart Village in August 2020. CSV offers 62 studio apartments with on-site access to transitional jobs, education, health care, mental health and addiction services and social connections through mentorships, peer support and community engagement options. In 2021, 80 young people obtained housing at Carol Stewart Village. For more information about Carol Stewart Village, go here


Carol Stewart Village