Star House opened in October 2006 as part of a federally-funded National Institute on Drug Abuse study (NIDA)—facilitated by Dr. Natasha Slesnick and her team from The Ohio State University—to examine strategies to engage, treat and reintegrate substance-abusing homeless youth to the mainstream.

We are the nation’s only drop-in center that hosts continuous, best practice research.

As the first drop-in center for homeless youth in central Ohio, Star House is the bridge between the streets and more traditional and intensive services. In our first year, we served 250 individual youth.

Original 1,800-square-foot Star House

Today, Star House remains the only central Ohio drop-in center for youth who are living without a permanent place to call home—as well as the only drop-in in the nation with continuous, onsite best practices research. In 2019, more than 1,300 individuals and their children were served.

New 14,000-square-foot Star House

1220 CORRUGATED WAY  |  COLUMBUS, OHIO 43201  |  614.826.5868

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