Provide youth experiencing homelessness with a safe respite from the streets and connect them with a chance to thrive. 



Every youth will have a home and a chance to thrive. 



Star House is a social service agency that operates Central Ohio's only drop-in center for youth, ages 14-24, who are experiencing homelessness and their small children. We offer young people a safe respite from the streets, immediate access to basic needs and connections to stabilizing resources, such as housing, transportation, health care, employment, education, addiction services, legal aid, government benefits, ID cards and more. In addition, along with Finance Fund and the Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA), Star House operates Carol Stewart Village (CSV)—a neighborhood for young adults, ages 18-24, with on-site programs and services.

Basic Needs at a Safe Place

  • Meals

  • Kitchen

  • Clothing

  • Laundry

  • Hygiene Items

  • Showers

  • Restrooms

  • Mental Health Therapy

Connections to Stabilizing Resources

  • ID Cards

  • Transportation

  • Legal Aid

  • Housing Assistance

  • Government Benefits (Medicaid, Food Stamps)

  • Case Management

  • Guests' Children Welcome On-site

Health & Wellness

  • Medical Exam Room

  • Counseling

  • STI & HIV Testing

  • Addiction Services

Connectivity & Technology

  • Wifi

  • Computer Lab

  • Mailboxes

  • Phone Booth

Employment & Education

  • Job-seeking Assistance

  • On-site Job Opportunities

  • Workforce Development

  • Employment Networking

  • Education Supports
    (Enrollment, Completion)

  • Dropout Recovery


  • Art Studio

  • Musical Instruments

  • Basketball

  • Yoga

  • Gymnasium

  • Gardening

  • Mentorship



Factors Star House guests say led to their homelessness:

  • Job loss and unemployment

  • Inability to afford rent, even when employed

  • Kicked out by family or friends

  • Violent or abusive relationships

  • Inability to afford other expenses (e.g. utilities, transportation, car repair)

Homeless youth statistics—BEFORE coming to Star House:

  • 65.1% experienced some difficulty getting enough to eat

  • 66.0% experienced some difficulty obtaining clothing

  • 46.2% experienced some difficulty obtaining medical care

  • 66.0% experienced some difficulty meeting their hygiene needs

Homeless youth statistics—SINCE coming to Star House:

  • 25.5% report some difficulty getting enough to eat 

  • 28.3% report some difficulty obtaining clothing 

  • 18.9% report some difficulty obtaining medical care 

  • 11.3% report some difficulty meeting their hygiene needs

Of those with issues meeting basic needs prior to coming to Star House:

  • 89.9% find it easier to get enough to eat

  • 88.6% find it easier to obtain clothing 

  • 77.6% find it easier to obtain medical care

  • 97.1% find it easier to meet their hygiene needs