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Star House January Newsletter

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Dear Friends of Star House,

2020 was a difficult year for many. However, your support has helped to ensure youth experiencing homelessness in Central Ohio have hope and a chance to thrive. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Star House's doors have remained open. At times—with places like public libraries and 24/7 diners closed—we were the only place open where youth could have immediate access to safety. In 2020, we served 882 individual young people and, in some cases, their small children. We provided youth with immediate access to basic needs—food, clothing, hygiene items, laundry facilities, showers—and connections to stabilizing resources. In 2020, among youth who accessed services for 90 or more days, 74.7% obtained housing, 83.9% obtained employment, 89.2% received medical care, 39.5% engaged in therapy, 64.5% received case management, 71.3% engaged in therapy or case management, 76.5% obtained crucial identification documents, 40.2% enrolled in an education program and 90.8% received transportation resources.


Did you know that lack of transportation is one of the main factors that contribute to youth experiencing homelessness? After temporarily suspending fares in 2020, COTA began resuming fares on Jan. 11, 2021. Star House provides transportation for our guests, including bus passes, for purposeful appointments. During the month of February, Star House will be hosting our "Ride and Thrive Bus Pass Drive" to ensure youth in Central Ohio have access to this crucial resource. Please join us in our efforts by donating COTA bus passes or by giving a monetary donation for bus passes today here.


Monetary Donations

Now more than ever, Star House would benefit greatly from discretionary general operating funding to support our day-to-day services for youth. Please consider making a monetary donation. If you're interested in seeing just how far your donation can go towards helping youth experiencing homelessness, then please see the infographic below!


Item Donations

We currently accept new and unused items through the mail (please note that we cannot accept in-person drop-off donations until further notice). Star House's most urgent needs include the following in adult sizes for both men and women:

  • Activewear pants

  • Long sleeve shirts

  • Jeans

  • T-shirts

  • Tennis shoes


Your donation will go far!

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