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She is a special person (Blog)

By organicgreendoctor

March 10, 2021

the young person that is one of those special persons is shown in the picture above

her story is scattered throughout this 60 minutes segment from this last week end

i have watched it 3 times and got teary eyed each time

as she said i am trying so hard

we should all have this amount of drive and ambition despite the odds stacked against them

courtney will make it

she has it

she has what it takes to make it

others im afraid would have gone the wrong direction into a dark dark world

now enter the second special person interviewed in this segment

her interview is about 9:10 ish on the video

as she told me there was more of the interview but as those of us who have been interviewed before by the media

know that the interview can be an hour long but they only use 5 minutes of it


she did a good job with those few minutes of interview shown

Read the full story here:


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