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Petals with Purpose: How this Passion Project Bloomed into a Social Enterprise

The Metropeneur

By Shaina Dubinskiy

March 5, 2021

Amanda Greenwood never thought her experience in and joy for event planning and floral design would become a socially-driven business bringing resources and education to homeless youth.

“I’ve always had a passion for floral and event design, and also a passion for creating impact in the community,” the social entrepreneur says.

She recalls founding Petals That Inspire back in 2018, after participating in GiveBack Hack. After pitching the business, formerly known as “Petals With a Purpose,” the founder was inspired to take her ideas further.

“I stayed throughout the weekend and totally got immersed and motivated by this idea of social entrepreneurship,” Greenwood says. “I really didn’t realize what a big community that was here in Columbus and how many businesses were built on this foundation of corporate social responsibility, which I think is so important.”

Through the accelerator program, Greenwood got connected to Star House Columbus, a walk-in center that provides basic needs and resources for youth experiencing homelessness. In 2019, Greenwood partnered with the center, working directly with youth on building work skills through the creation of floral arrangements.

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