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Columbus housing for those who age out of foster care celebrates 1st anniversary

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

NBC4i Columbus

Allen Henry

October 19, 2021

NBC4i Columbus -

Residents and organizers celebrated the first anniversary of the Carol Stewart Village in Franklinton, a place designed to help at-risk youth find stable housing, healthcare, and prepare them for success.

“It kind of puts you on the right track once you have the stability of housing,” said Jay Kerr, a recently placed resident of the village. Kerr says he was 19 when his foster parents kicked him out of the house. “I was couch surfing for about seven months and then once you run out of friends, you just…have nowhere to go. I was sleeping in Weinland park for about six months,” Kerr said. “I have to say, it changed my life. It really did,” Just a few weeks ago, Kerr found Carol Stewart Village, a former motel site that was once a frequent stop for Columbus police.

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