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Inside the COVID-19 recession, one of the most unequal in modern history

60 Minutes on CBS

With Correspondent Scott Pelley

March 7, 2021

While many middle and high-income workers are back at work, the country's low-wage workers are still suffering from a recession that has annihilated their jobs. Scott Pelley reports.

Soon, President Biden is expected to sign a third COVID recession relief plan just days before emergency unemployment benefits expire. For many the need is great, in part, because this recession is the most unequal in modern history. This past Friday, new jobs numbers confirmed that middle and high-income workers are returning but the jobs of low-income Americans have been annihilated. Relief checks have been a lifeline, but temporary. Many, like the Americans you're about to meet, were already struggling in poverty when COVID pushed them over the edge. As they fall, the pandemic is cutting away at the safety net. For 23-year-old Courtney Yoder, the cruel recession hit just as she was saving enough from her job to move out of a tent, anticipating the birth of her first child.

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