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Homeless youth struggle after tents demolished again

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

The Columbus Dispatch

By Rita Price

December 17, 2019

With shelters often full and affordable housing in short supply, some advocates for the homeless want the city of Columbus to stop demolishing homeless camps. The question of whether the homeless should be able to live in public spaces when communities can’t offer alternative housing is one that courts are increasingly called upon to answer.

Jackie Wade felt frantic. She and the other homeless teens and young adults living near a stretch of railroad north of Downtown had 24 hours to collect, move and store their meager belongings. Wade thought of the baby clothes stored at the camp. Two months pregnant, she had been working to gather some of the items she would need after her child was born. Shelters and other social-service agencies don’t provide storage. She got nowhere calling family. Click here to read the full story.



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