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Here's what people are saying after '60 Minutes' chronicles Columbus' pandemic struggles

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

The Columbus Dispatch

By Chandler Boese

March 8, 2021

Before Harry and Meghan spilled to Oprah on Sunday night, you may have caught some peeks at Columbus on national TV. But you probably didn't walk away feeling great about the state of the city.

A segment on the venerable CBS program "60 Minutes" showcased the impact of COVID-19 on Columbus. The episode lingered on the people hurt worst by the downturn and what's being done to help.

Issues covered included homelessness and unemployment in the city. The episode focused on those hit hardest by the pandemic, low-wage workers, as middle- and upper-class families fare far better.

Local people, nonprofits highlighted for efforts to help

Local homeless help center Star House was featured on the program, both for the increasing need for its services and the difficulties it's had meeting those needs.

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