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Columbus Group Awarded Nearly $6.1 Million Grant to Tackle Youth Homelessness

The Columbus Dispatch – July 16, 2018

Skye Vanek of Columbus was five months pregnant when she became homeless.

After her house burned down, the 21-year-old bounced between hotels, even living in her boyfriend’s car for a time. But she knew she needed a plan. She was told if she didn’t find permanent housing soon, her daughter could be taken away from her.

That’s when she discovered Huckleberry House, a Columbus shelter that provided Vanek and her daughter with a place to live and helped put her through school.

“If it wasn’t for those centers, my daughter wouldn’t be here with me,” Vanek said, choking back tears and clutching her baby to her chest at a news conference at the Columbus Foundation on Monday.

Columbus is now getting a helping hand to deal with the youth homelessness crisis for people like Vanek.

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