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Celebrating Black Leaders 2023: Montrail

In honor of Black History Month, throughout the month of February, Star House will showcase black excellence and black leaders through a series of interviews. We introduce the series by highlighting Montrail Curry, Star House’s Facility Manager.

Tell us how you got to Star House?

Our fearless leader and I have known one another outside of S.H. for several years. I had been doing contracted work through my repair business whenever S.H. needed me to. After several attempts to get me to join the S.H. team, I said yes. The rest is history.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Being able to build a meaningful relationship with the guest that we serve.

What have you learned from the youth we serve?

That they are trying to navigate through this thing that we call life without the guidance or support that some of us Adults may have had when we were their age. They are very creative (no matter if its in a negative or positive way), they're resilient, they're grateful (for the most part) and while they stay in survival mode, they yearn to thrive in this life!

How does it feel to be a Black leader and role model to our youth?

It is very rewarding to model something that is positive. Especially if they did not have someone like myself in their lives when they were growing up.


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