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A Home for Vulnerable Youth: Repurposing an abandoned motel into a place of hope.

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August 31, 2022

Carol Stewart Village is a program run by Star House that was developed in partnership with Finance Fund. The program brought new life to abandoned motels on the west side Columbus. Triad was fortunate enough to be the architect that helped bring this project to life. Below is a description of the program from Star House:

Carol Stewart Village (CSV) is a neighborhood for young adults, ages 18-24, with on-site programs and services. CSV offers 62 studio apartments with on-site access to transitional jobs, education, health care, mental health and addiction services and social connections through mentorships, peer support and community engagement options.

Thanks to project-based vouchers provided by CMHA, residents have the opportunity to live at CSV for up to seven years while they acquire the credentials and experience necessary to thrive in long- term housing stability. CSV is part of a National Institute of Health study, the HOME Project, facilitated by Ohio State, which assesses for the first time the correlation between youth having a home and the prevention of opioid addiction.

​CSV is a Collaboration of joint-owners Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA), Finance Fund and Star House.

Below is an interview with a resident of Carol Stewart Village that illustrates the impact that this special program is having on the life of very vulnerable young people in Columbus.

View to the full article online here:

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