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Be the Light in the Winter Triangle: Illuminate Hope in the Lives of Youth
Who are Exiting Homelessness

The Star House Team is gearing up for the challenges that the cold, snow, sleet, and ice bring, particularly for youth experiencing homelessness. Thanks to supporters like you, Star House can offer a beacon of hope that never fades.

Introducing the Winter Triangle Campaign:

Illuminating Lives in the Coldest Months

Imagine a constellation of change: The Winter Triangle, formed by three stars – Sirius, Betelgeuse, and Procyon. This celestial trio dominates the night sky during the coldest months in the northern hemisphere, symbolizing resilience, compassion and support.

Join the Winter Triangle: Become a Lifeline for Vulnerable Youth

We invite you to be a part of the Star House Winter Triangle Campaign, where your generosity can be a guiding star for those in need.

  • Be Sirius: Make an unrestricted financial contribution to our mission through monthly donations or a one-time gift.

  • Be Betelgeuse: Volunteer at the drop-in center warehouse.

  • Be Procyon: Host a winter clothing/supply drive at your home, business, or place of worship.

  • Be The Winter Triangle: Achieve all three stars and make a lasting impact.

Your Gift Matters: Light the Way

As the weather turns harsh, your support becomes a true lifeline. It ensures that the doors of the only research-based, immediate-access, 24/7 drop-in center for youth (ages 14-24) in Central Ohio remain open. Your gift directly impacts young lives, providing access to food, clean clothing, shoes, showers, laundry machines, and a safe place to rest. Beyond the basics, your generosity fuels medical care, trauma-informed therapy, legal counsel, therapeutic programming, mentorship, financial empowerment training, job placement, and the crucial element of community.

  • To make a gift to the Winter Triangle Campaign, click here, or mail your check to: Star House, Attn. Kari Jenkins, 1220 Corrugated Way, Columbus, OH 43201, placing Winter Triangle Campaign in the memo line.

  • If you're inspired to volunteer or host a clothing and supply drive, click here.

Your support doesn't just warm hearts; it brings hope to those who need it most.


Connect with Us:

For questions or further information, reach out to A member of our dedicated development team will reach out to you.

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